A Charm Bracelet And How It Is Important In the Life Of A Young Woman

Charm bracelets for women

A charm bracelet is a jewelry item that is as important as a wedding or a graduation ring in the life of a young girl. This type of bracelet is worn on the wrists of little girls with many of the little trinkets and pendants attached to it signifying important occasions in the life of the girl. The girls charm bracelet does, in fact, grow with her and gets decorated with new charms as she crosses many of the significant milestones in her life. These bracelets are usually given to the girl as a gift by her parents or grandparents during some important occasion in her life and it remains with her almost to the end of her life reminding her of all the cherished moments of her eventful life.

Charm Bracelet History

This type of bracelet begins its journey along with the girl as starter bracelets and becomes a charm bracelet as more charms are added to it later. These bracelets have a long history dating back to the Neolithic era and were mostly worn to guard against evil spirits. These contained charm bracelet beads until metal pendants and precious stones were added as charms during the times of the Egyptian Pharaohs. But these days these bracelets are taking new shape with the addition of unique things like family crests, glass beads, small lockets with the images of loved ones etc. The younger generation of today is showing more liking to wear these bracelets and it is a hot collectible item for many of those who have a special interest in jewelry items. These are also worn to show others how they cherish the important moments in their lives. Charms bracelets are not just for young girls. Even married ladies wear these with special charms added to these at the happening of some special events such as child birth etc.  These bracelets are available in a variety of metals, designs, and qualities so that it suits the diverse needs of their wearers. Silver charm bracelets are more common in the present days though you can see many of the young girls wearing rose gold bracelets. With the advances in internet and related technologies you can easily find your favorite charm bracelet through online catalogues, or websites of your local department stores, or that of antique jewelers and fashion boutiques. You can easily find the latest arrivals and latest trends and order them through an internet account to easily be delivered to your home. There are numerous varieties of accessories available for this type of bracelet and only your imagination and your budget are the limiting factors in selecting the right one for you. These can be found everywhere from the hotel gift shops to the flea markets of the places you are visiting. A girls charm bracelet is a special thing in her life and it also grows along with her. There are families that consider these bracelets as a part of their tradition and take care to hand over these from generation to generation. So, take care while selecting the charm bracelet for your little girl and see how it grows along with her and remains the center of her jewelry items throughout her life.

Antique Jewelry Appraisal: How To Find the Real Value of Your Precious Jewelry Items

Antique jewelry appraisal should be done by professionals

Antique jewelry appraisal cannot be done by just anyone and you need to find the right person to have your antique piece valued correctly to receive its real value. The value of an antique piece may be much more than its actual worth depending on sentimental or historical factors. It is always necessary to have your antique jewelry appraisal done through a professional team of valuers. This makes sure that there are no chances of any mistakes when determining the real value of the item. The method adopted to find out the valuation of the jewelry items varies depending on the purpose for which the valuation is needed.  If the valuation is for insurance purposes it will need to be more accurate than if it is just for your own interest.

What Increases The Value Of Antique Jewelry?

Antique jewelry usually carries more value than the actual value of the gold or other precious metals or stones used in it.  There is always an added value on their antiquity. If you are seeking to find the value of a family heirloom for a special purpose you have to make sure that it is done by a person who can be fully trusted and who is qualified. He must have the appropriate experience in this type of activity. He must be an expert who is well versed in the appraisal of expensive stones or diamonds placed on high quality jewelry items in exquisite designs made of gold or other precious metals.

There are many organizations and professional bodies available in your country that you can easily trust for getting the real value of the antique pieces you want to buy or sell.  For instance if you are in the USA you can approach some of the professional bodies like:

You can be confident of getting a professional appraisal giving the real value of your jewelry item from one of these organizations. If you are in India and want to deal with an Indian antique jewelry item you must be very careful as they may be really more valuable than they look to us. Special care must be taken if the piece seems to be more than one hundred years old as the quality of the metals, the stones used in it, the design they carry and the age of the jewelry item all add to the present value. It takes special skills and knowledge to appraise antique jewelry which not all valuers have. For this you have to approach an appraiser who is well versed in appreciating the value of the jewelry along with its past history to arrive at its current market value.

Before you attempt to find out the real value of an antique item of jewelry it is always better to visit some of the antique jewelry armoire so you can easily understand the antique value of your jewelry.  By seeing how the similar pieces are treated there, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect.  If you happen to own a rose gold bracelet it is possible for you to get a good price for it only if you take care to get it valued by professional appraisers. If you fail to do this then there is every chance that you may be getting a value that may be far below the real value of the antique jewelry piece you want to sell.

Gold Bangles: A Fashion Of The Past That Is Still “IN”

Gold bangles

The use of bangles made out of precious metals including gold bangles has been dated back to 2600 BC where figurines of dancing girls wearing bangles have been excavated from Mohenjo – Daro in the Indus Valley. Bangles made out of glass are traditionally ornaments that are mostly worn in South Asian countries of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Gold Bangles Enjoy Delicate Designs

Gold bangles are a different story as they are popular all around the world and gold bangles designs change in accordance with the regions of the world with the Asian bangles being very heavy on design and weight. The higher weight gives the craftsman room to show their expertise by putting designs on the bangles. On the other hand the lighter bangles with filigree designs are generally used in the western hemisphere. Lighter bangles with lighter designs further challenge the skill of the craftsman as he/she has lesser room to express his/her skills.

Gold bangles for women are a very hot item in most parts of the world and are a compulsory yet balancing portion of an entire gold set. The trend of dowry, which generally prevails in South Asia, has further fueled the utilization of gold bangles.

White gold is a popular alternative for yellow gold, silver and platinum. The colour of white gold is heavily dependent upon the composition of the gold.  The white colour of white gold is achieved by adding foreign elements into pure gold to make it look lighter and closer to silver. White gold bangles are becoming increasingly popular with women because of their lower cost and their durability. White gold bangles are generally formed by combining gold with nickel and the resulting formation is a very hard alloy which is not shapeable. In order to make it more malleable copper is added to this combination which tends to induce a bit of softness. This can help goldsmiths in shaping white gold into whatever form they want.

Those who are looking for exclusivity in bangles usually turn towards rose gold bracelets and bangles. Just like white gold, rose gold is made by the process of mixing pure 24K yellow gold along with copper colored alloys and decreasing the amount of silver colored alloys in the gold. The pink color of the gold intensifies with the age due to the tarnishing of the copper.

This unique colour of rose added to this precious metal creates a beautiful effect. The colour of the gold is so exclusive and this combination of gold is only made to order, therefore this type of gold has a lot of exclusive value attached to it.  The utilization of rose gold in bangles and bracelets adds a new dimension to the entire gold bangles market. As the popularity of rose gold increases, it is now being used more and more in men’s jewelry and is becoming increasingly common for engagement rings.

Is The Rose Gold Bracelet Making A Comeback?

Rose gold bracelets making a comebacki

A rose gold bracelet has a very delicate colour that tends to intensify with age. Also known as pink gold, rose gold is actually made by mixing pure 24K yellow gold with copper coloured alloys and decreasing the silver coloured alloys in the gold. The pink colour of the gold intensifies with the age due to the tarnishing of the copper.

Every design of the rose gold bracelet has recently made a comeback as the usage of rose gold dates back to almost a century ago.  Antique rose gold bracelets especially, can bring in a lot of money today if sold in the open market. Despite making a comeback rose gold is still rare and is generally made on order which gives it a certain level of exclusivity, and the fashion world loves exclusivity. Yet the price is still comparable with white and yellow gold because of copper which is a relatively cheaper metal, added to make rose gold.

Rose Gold Is Loved By The Fashion Industry

Another major reason of rose gold making a comeback is the re-emergence of colour in the fashion industry. In contrast to the 90’s when everything was in black and white, the 21st century has seen fashion embrace more colour. Additionally mens rose gold bracelets and other rose gold jewelry is also now readily available. This clearly points toward the increasing tendency of men towards purchasing rose gold jewelry and is showing up more and more in engagement rings. Status watches and other jewelry utilized by males are also experiencing a comeback in rose gold. Experts say that this time around the trend of utilizing rose gold will remain in both genders and will not fade away like previously.  Both sexes are eagerly looking for precious items that have an exclusive value attached to them. Men and women today have developed inclinations towards spending money on products that they can call “their own” or “exclusive” and rose gold products provide perfect value for money and fill this very particular need.

One of the hottest and most-consumed new female products available today is the 18K rose gold bracelet which is available under different brand names and in different styles. Rose gold bracelets are really liked by women and can serve as a perfect wedding or engagement gift. These bracelets are an iconic item and symbolize love that defies time. A simple rose gold bracelet can cost you more than $5000 but if the bracelet is embedded with precious stones the cost of the bracelet can go really high reaching to more than $10,000.

It is important to know a bit about rose gold jewelry before deciding to buy any piece for yourself or a loved one. Since this purchase is a considerable investment and has a lot of emotional value attached to it, it is always better to research first before spending your money. It is also important to understand the true value of the rose gold that you are purchasing which differs in accordance to its shade and age. Knowing what you are buying will ensure you make a quality purchase at the right price.